Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Instead of the regular weekend recap, I prefer to share with you a few truths that I learned this weekend.

This is Lucy. She is very energetic!

1. We are at our pet limit. As much as I want more animals, I don't think it's possible at this moment. We are currently dog sitting to make some extra cash, and I'm actually really glad it isn't premanent. I think I would go crazy!

Just a little sneak peak at the work on the trim.

2. Renovations are hard. I really thought that I was just going to be a pro at stripping the woodwork in our upstairs bath. No problem! Well, I guess I put too much faith in myself, and I ended up frustrated and with a window only partially finished. Ugh.

3. I'm not 21 anymore. On Friday night, we went to my cousin and his wife's housewarming party. I tried to keep up with all the cool kids, and I failed miserably. Beer pong, you win! Andrew came home to find me sleeping in bed with all the lights on and the tv turned up really loud. Fail!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I'm already looking forward to Friday when we host some friends who are in town for a wedding. Here we go again!

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