Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, I wasn't planning on doing so many posts for CO, but I guess that's what happens when you have too much fun.

As you can imagine, we were running in slow motion Sunday morning. Because our hotel was next door to a coffee house, we knew exactly what we needed to start the day. Their coffee was strong (not the best I have had) and their food portions were huge! I would probably hit it up again if for nothing less than the atmosphere and outdoor seating.

I was hoping we would be able to do some hiking at Horsetooth Reservoir on Sunday, but becuase of poor packing it ended up being just a drive through. Horsetooth was beautiful. Unfortunately, the drought had caused the water levels to drop dramatically, but it was still a sight to see. Colorado is so serene. I could definitely see myself living here. Because we were far less than prepared to do anything physical, we headed back to the hotel to check out some bikes and cruise around town.

The Armstrong hotel provides these awesome beach cruises for guests to check out for the whole day. I didn't realize how fun they would be! We road down and around CSU campus and then over to a nearby floral garden. The pictures don't really do it justice, but I think they capture how much fun Andrew and I had. I think we will try to make bikes a must for every vacation.

After dropping off the bikes, we make a quick stop at Beau Jo's for some pizza. It was so good (and I was so hungry) there were no time for pictures. Whoops!

We were really thirsty after our ride around town. Time for another brewery! Equinox Brewery was dreamy! I say this because Andrew and I spent the majority of our time there talking about how we wanted to open something exactly like this. I think Andrew could be really good at brewing, and I would fully support something as cool as Equinox.  It was fairly busy for a Sunday, and I wasn't surprised. Their beer was great! I didn't even mind the IPAs or dark brews. That says a lot!

We had such a good time a Equinox, we didn't want the fun to stop. So we took ourselves on a short bar crawl that eventually led us to dinner.

Andrew's cousin Kayci had worked at Austin's while she was in school at CSU, and it was highly recommended. OMG! This place was perfect for celebrating 365 days of wedded bliss. The food and drinks were amazing! I would recommend Austin's to anyone that asks.

Because we had such a full day, our evening was short lived. We took our full tummies on a short stroll back to the hotel, said goodnight to Oreo, and hit the hay. Goodnight, CO!

We had so much fun on our trip! We will be going back to catch all the breweries and sites we missed. Until next time CO...

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