Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last night, Andrew and I hit up Lucky Bucket with my bro, Chris, and his wife, Lisa, and about 100 other people. Yesterday was the very last day to use the Lucky Bucket tour/merchandise Groupon, and I guess we weren't the only ones that waited until the very last min. Luckily, they extended the expiration date so some people left to come back later. Not us! Dedication.

There was nothing that sounded better on this very, very hot summer day than a LB Wheat. Thank goodness we got a sample as soon as we got in. From there on it was a hot sweaty mess, but we had a really good time! Except for maybe Lisa... pregnant = no beer. But she was a trooper!

We grabbed some merch at the end our of tour and booked it out of there to get some grub. I have already suggested that we go back when Lisa is unpregnant and it's not 100+ degrees out. I think I can get everyone on board for that.

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