Sunday, June 24, 2012


I would like everyone to meet the newest member of the Flater family. Say hello to Coby!

Picture courtesy of Emily R.

Andrew and I adopted him on Wednesday. We tried to get to him on Tuesday, but were a little late to the Humane Society. So, when I took a lunch break on Wednesday, I went straight there to meet him. After that, it was only a few hours before we got to take him home. Of course, Andrew had to meet him before everything was final. But after we spent about 10 mins in the meet and greet room with him, we knew we weren't going to leave without him.

Our first pic! Waiting for the paperwork!

He is a big boy! A chocolate lab weighing in at 152 on the day of adoption. He is housebroken, lived with kids and cats, and knows his basic commands. After doing a routine check up at the vet, she said that he would need to lose a few pounds, but otherwise he was pretty healthy.

Bags mascot!

The cats weren't too thrilled to meet their new roommate, but they have been warming up to the idea. At the time of this post, Erin is sleeping in the same room as him. I'd say that is pretty darn good.

We are over the moon about our new guy! I'm sure you will be seeing much more of him in the future.


  1. Our Kobe the cat is going to be offended there is a dog with her name :)

    He looks like a sweetheart!

  2. I cant wait to meet him- he's a cutie!

  3. He is a cutie!!! I'm sure he will love his new home!!