Wednesday, April 18, 2012


What's a girl got to do to get a dog around here? Last year, Andrew said that we would def. be getting a dog by August. Well, August came and went. This time, he says that we should wait until August and we are settled into the house. In August, I'm sure he will say we should wait just a bit longer because of blah, blah, blah. I'm beginning to question his desires for a dog.

Isn't she the cutest?

Last week, after repeatedly staring at pictures of this super cute Siberian Husky, I asked Andrew how upset he would be if I put in an application for her. He said, "Upset." Oh, c'mon! He has read more of the Game of Thrones books than I have! How can he say no? We could even call her Nymeria. How perfect!

But now he is even considering only getting an older dog (my original idea) to help the cats adjust to having a dog in the house. Why must he always be so sensible? Gosh! 

I guess I should be thankful. If it wasn't for Andrew, I would have a zoo of cats and be a single, crazy cat lady.



  1. If you want my opinion, while a husky puppy is cute, it won't stay that way for long and I think a full grown husky is waaayy too much dog for you guys. Especially as a first dog. They're super smart and really athletic, I mean they're freaking sled dogs! I don't know if you would have enough time for a husky and I don't think the cats are enough to stop her/him from getting bored. If you lived in Winterfell I'd say go for it, but with the lives you have now and where you'll be living I don't think it'd be a good life for that type of dog.

  2. I actually know what that feels like! I've been trying to convince my mom to get me a dog since the longest time possible! It's ironic because I'm such a HUGE dog lover! Anyhow, following you up :)

  3. I died laughing with that cartoon. But to the dog situation, I hear ya....I want a puppy too. I find myself randomly looking up puppies and sending links to them to Matt. Do I really think he is going to say "Ok"? No, but a girl can dream!