Monday, April 9, 2012


So what did I do with my day off? The highlights? Or I guess in this case, highlight (singular)? Signing more papers for the house. Today, we had an appointment with the bank to go over some paperwork. We basically told them that we are not liars and that we promise to give them lots and lots of money. They were thrilled.

But let's get back to the fun stuff! Last week, because we are excited and over-eager first time home buyers we went to Home Depot and did a mock shopping spree in preparation of actually having the house in our possession. We ooh'd and ahh'd over lawn mowers, light fixtures, and toilets. The best part was dreaming about the paint colors. I have very specific ideas in mind.

Andrew on the other hand, just picks out his favorite colors. He picked out these gems and decided that's what he would like to paint the bathroom.

I picked out some colors for the bedroom (more of a color palette than actual paint colors). I don't think Andrew saw my "vision". That's where this comes in. Let me introduce you to my new best friends and Pure genius.

 I showed him around and let him run wild. Although very interested, the charm wore off very quickly. That's when we decided that he would cover the outside of the house and I would take care of the inside. So while he is working on his green thumb, I am becoming an interior designer. Behold my masterpiece! I call this one bedroom. Ahhhhhhh.

Any and all advice is welcome! Any other design websites I should know about?


  1. Love this post and really love your design ideas. The gray and peach with splashes of yellow is genius. Cannot wait to see it in the house and I guess your house will be the purple one with blue trim on the outside?

  2. I cannot wait to come see your house! :) You are so creative!

  3. You have got to check out Houzz (! Don't forget Pinterest!!