Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Check, check, check it out! I'm consolidating. Because Andrew and I plan on moving out of our apartment in a few months (more on that later), I wanted to get a jump start on getting rid of some crap stuff. First up, candles.

I didn't realize how bad Andrew's obsession had gotten. They were everywhere! I actually think I even missed some that I am bound to find in a few months. But I forged ahead with what I had, and this is the result. From this....

To this... (ok, so there were a couple more that were in the cooling stage when this pic was taken)

Mission accomplished. What some quick instructions on how to cut down your candle collection from freaking ginormous to just a few? Follow my picture guide and don't burn yourself. Safety first, my friends.

Heat candles in a pan with boiling water.

Once melted, use tongs to gently remove wick.

Place a new wick and wick holder into a clean glass container.
Pour melted candle into the container.

This is what happens when you are impatient.

Wait for the melted wax to completely harden and cool before adding an additional layer. This will prevent mixing of the layers.

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  1. Genius! Also, nice call on the woodwicks...my favorite! :)