Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Flater Originals! Jeff, Jody, Mike, Jim, & Mary Lou
So, this weekend Andrew and I got off work early and headed to Galesberg to celebrate Mary Lou's 80th birthday. It was great to see everyone and to catch up. It's always a good time when the Flaters gather. We also got the privileged of meeting Mallory and Cody's new baby boy, Max, on our way back to Nebraska.

Chris and Jenny - Mike and Jeff - Tully

- Puppies! Two golden retrievers and one yellow lab. I already miss them...
- All of Jody's songs/raps
- Hearing Debra say squirrels with her English accent
- The family video that Jeff put together
- Riding on the Pontoon Saloon
- Getting to hold Mallory and Cody's son, Max, before he even left the hospital. Congrats guys!
- Crazy beautiful weather all weekend

Watching Auggie do a water retrieve - Jim on the Pontoon Saloon - Andrew, Ryan, and Jim 

- Leaving so soon. I wish we had one more day...
- I didn't pack enough clothes. That might be the last time I ever say that.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping to see us at the hospital! Max loved meeting you both! :)

  2. I LOVE the name the Pontoon Saloon. Awesome.