Thursday, August 11, 2011


While reading my August issue of Marie Claire, I came across an article about a young woman who became a bone marrow donor and saved a life. Before reading this article, I was unaware and misinformed about the bone marrow donation process. This article opened my eyes and made me want to help!

The next day, I visited and was futher educated about the process, the side effects of donation, and how I can really make a difference. I signed-up right away. On Monday I got my swabbing package! They send you a package that contains two swab so they can collect cells and find a match.

Taking the sample wasn't hard and very painless. I asked Andrew to take a picture of me doing it for the blog, I was blissuflly unaware of how stupid I looked until I saw the pictures. But for the sake of blogging, you get to see them anyway.

As of Tuesday, they are off in the mail. I really enjoying helping others, and I think this is a great way of doing something that means so much to someone. I am crossing my fingers for a match! Also, if you would like to donate some money to help this great cause (it cost $65 to process and add a new donor to the registry), please go here!

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  1. I posted this on facebook a few weeks ago! I saw the link from thebloggess and thought it would be a good way to help out too! I am glad I didn't have Dave take pictures of me swabbing my cheek :) I sent my swabs in yesterday.