Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was in a grumpy mood earlier tonight and thought I would hit up the local Goodwill to lift my spirit. I'm so glad I did! Check out these awesome finds!

Jodi Picoult book - $.99

Tupperware - $3.99 (the last one I needed to build a complete set!)

Sheet set - $19.99 (not pictured) 
I know what you are thinking... $20 for sheets at Goodwill?!? Not just any sheets, but brand new, in-package, 820 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. Boo-ya! They are currently in the washing machine so I can use them tonight :)

And for my favorite purchase of the evening... an Iowa State jacket! 

Once again, I bet you are thinking... she must have paid an arm and a leg for such a fine coat. Well you are in for a surprise my friend..... green tag sale.... $.99! 

GO ISU! Bring on the tailgating.


  1. Awesome book! Great finds....I need to start hitting up Goodwill!!