Thursday, July 28, 2011


On Tuesday night, I decided to whip up a recipe that has been making my mouth water for days. I found it while cruising the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Just look at that picture?!?! Nom, nom, nom. If you want to follow the recipe verbatum, that's cool. But I'm going to make this simple recipe even easier. Ready?

Boil the chicken. I used frozen chicken breasts and by dumping them into boiling water, I saved myself from having to defrost. Nice! Once they are cooked all of the way through, chop it up. 

Boil the pasta. There is no easy way around this one, so just do it!

Chop the veggies and nuts. Combine. Almost done!

Now for the sauce... While making my weekly grocery trip, I noticed that the price of all of the ingredients for the sauce were quickly wiping out my budget (we are talking an additional $10 people!). That's where this guy comes in... 

One simple bottle. Add 1/2 cup to your mixture. Easy. Done. (I should have pictures of my finished product, but all of mine looked bad. I guess I need to work on presentation!)

The biggest downfall of this recipe. The pasta. Ok, 10 oz. Really? That's a lot of freaking pasta! If I were going to make this again, I would just use 6 oz. Trust me. Enjoy!


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