Tuesday, June 7, 2011


- Surprising Emily for her 25th b-day (She had no idea!)
- Racoon River Brewery - really good food
- Getting chairs reserved for the wedding ceremony
- Watching a new show "Game of Thrones" (If you aren't watching this, you should be)
- Iowa Cubs game - they won!
- Brunching with Mallory
- Getting back to Omaha early enough to get stuff done

- Not being able to do much at my dress fitting. They can only cut my dress once....
- $8 beers at the baseball game.
- Emily being hung over all weekend. You can't even be mad though! She had no idea we would be there.
- Having to leave DM. I love that city.


Now for the best story of the weekend. Drum roll, please. I met Curtis Stone! Yes, the Curtis Stone from "Take Home Chef." I may or may not have acted like a giddy teen after meeting him. Just maybe... Here is how is all started.
Ashley: (sarcastically) Hey look, it's Curtis Stone.
Sarah H.: No, I think that actually is Curtis Stone.
Ashley: No, it's not.
Sarah: (yells) Hey, Curtis!

And then he waved at us! We followed him into Fong's Pizza, introduced ourselves, and recommended the crab ragoon pizza. It was swell. :)

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  1. Hahaha im sorry! I had lots of fun btw! Thank so much for surprising me!