Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just look at that cover! How can you not already be in love?!?!

I had never actually read anything about this book (plot, reviews, etc.) but I did know it was on the best sellers list. You just can't go wrong, am I right? And boy was I surprised when the voice of the narrator was actually the dog. You always wonder what your pets are thinking (and in my case, sometimes even talk for them), and through this book you now have the inside point-of-view. Throughout the book he mentions that all he has are his gestures, and he uses them wisely. He stands by his owner through thick and thin, he lets him know when his owner does something he doesn't like, and he never lets his owner quit.

This books takes you on the journey of a family and their dog as they experience loss, judgement, and triumph. Basically everything you could ever ask for in a book! By the end of this book, I was very attached to this fictional dog, and there were a lot of tears. I'm such a sap when it comes to pets.

These are some of the bookmarks I got while wondering around in Vegas and daydreaming of going to LOVE show. The next time we are there, the Beatles show is a must.

I bought this bookmark a couple of weeks ago. This verse has had a lot of meaning for me lately. Plus, it's cute. 

So, enough about bookmarks. What book should I read next? I really can't wait to read Tina Fey's new book (too bad the waiting list is so long at the lib). What are you currently reading?


  1. OMG, can I borrow this book sometime?!? It looks SO good :)

  2. I've been reading the Tana French novels. Her 3rd novel Faithful Place was on Time magazine's top 10 books of the year. Her first is In the woods and the second is The Likeness. I read them backwords, starting with the 3rd first, but it wasn't a problem, I would recommend starting with the first one though :)

  3. Nicole - I borrowed it from the lib! Otherwise, it would be all yours :)

    Becca - Thanks for the book recommendation! I've been stuck in a book rut and just checked out another Mary Higgins Clark today. Oops!