Monday, May 9, 2011


Clockwise from top right: Me, Ellen, and Kelli at the farmers market; Mom and Chris playing ladder golf; Deakin and I napping; Kelli and I; Lisa; Andrew holding Deakin and Deakin not crying. 

Grilling and drinking on the balcony
Season 2 of Breaking Bad
Meeting Kelli and Ellen at the farmers market
Shopping (I'm starting to use coupons to get some killer deals!)
Risotto (My first time making it)
Watching Field of Dreams with Andrew (He had never seen it!)
Family dinner for Mother's Day
Seeing and spending time with Deakin
Lawn games

Eating the entire loaf of bread from the farmers market in one day...
Not using my coupons as wisely as I could have
Missing meeting Jeff Foxworthy in the Old Market (Kelli and Ellen saw them right after I left!)


  1. Hi there! I think you said that you have been looking for milk glass, right? I saw this pile of it for sale on etsy and thought I'd share in case it's what you need:

    It's an Omaha seller, so you might be able to avoid shipping, if you were interested! Hope all the planning is going well.

  2. Where is the pic of you in front of the Field of Dreams sign when you came to visit me??