Monday, May 16, 2011


Tonight, I attempted my first extreme couponing trip. I must say that I was inspired by the recent show on TLC, but I have always been a coupon believer. I don't think you should ever pay full price for anything! If there is a deal out there, I will find it. I have even been known to go back to a store with receipt-in-hand to get a refund on previous purchase that was discounted further. And now, I am taking it one step further... to the grocery store!

Before I even attempted this trip, I did some homework. I already knew that at Target you could use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon. Then I began following a savvy shopper blog, Man, does she know her deals. With that knowledge, I was ready to shop.

Andrew was insanely embarrassed. He was even more embarrassed when I bought not one, but two 35 lb tubs of kitty litter. Andrew said "Omg, now they are going to think you are a crazy coupon lady and a crazy cat lady." Obviously, I didn't care. Because I bought two, I scored a free $5 gift card to Target for a future purchase. Go me!

So here is my loot....

Bertolli - $1.49/jar
Chex Mix - $1.08/bag
Frozen Veg - $.90/bag
Cat Litter - $9.49/tub (not pictured)
Special K - I used 2 coupons, but also was supposed to get one free. Because some of the coupons didn't match up on the receipt with the corresponding item, there is a lump of coupons taken off at the end and I can't remember how they added up. This might have been my one flub of the night.

Nivea Lotion - $1.04
NYC Nail Polish - $.52
Old Spice Body Wash - $1.08 (2-pack, on clearance!)
Old Spice Deodorant - $3.24

People Mag - $2.99

It is things like the Special K that remind me that I am still a beginner and this is going to take some work. I'm proud of what I did today and how much I saved, but I still have a long way to go! I will take all of the advice I can get at this point. So let me hear it if you have any ideas.

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  1. I hoped you used your Redcard to save another 5% as well!!