Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ST. PAT'S DAY & WEEKEND: MARCH 18-20, 2011

St. Pat's Day - Andrew and I met up with Trevor and his friends to celebrate his birthday at Fox & Hound. Why haven't we hung out with these people before! They were a lot of fun. Green beer doesn't hurt either. Later that night, we met up with Justin and friends at the Rusty Nail. Have you ever heard of this place before? Def. a hole in the wall, but I liked it. I might have to give it another try when I'm in party mode instead of being a D.D.

Weekend Highlights:
- Fish fry (finally!)
- Card games and adult beverages
- Bbq lunch at Red Zone: I give it a 75%
- A good episode of The Wire
- Breakfast for dinner
- Being super productive. Spring cleaning!
- Deakin's 1st birthday party
- Picking out a hotel in Vancouver

Weekend Lowlights:
- Lego Star Wars being very frustrating
- Not getting any baking done

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  1. Which episode was it?! See, it does get good! :) Also, Lego Star Wars can be totally frustrating...but enjoy it while you can! Lego Batman is not quite as exciting. Oh, and I'm jealous about breakfast for dinner. Ryan doesn't like it, so I never have it anymore! Maybe next week while he's gone. :)