Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday: Upon coming to work, I find a head of cabbage on my desk. Interesting. I learned that it was used as a decoration (?!?) for an event and they left one for me. I'm taking it on as a challenge. More on that later.

Last Night: I did my first trial 5k. Here is my inner monologue:
"What the f- am I doing? What the f- did I sign up for? F- you! (directed to the person grilling burgers) Will this ever end? Lindsey Lohan, you have no idea what I'm going through. (she was the current song on my ipod) Are we sure this f- thing is accurate? I can't do this anymore."

It was tough, but I finished. I will keep doing the trial 5k weekly. Hopefully, it will get easier and the inner monologue will get nicer. Also, during and after the workout my mouth tasted like blood and my teeth hurt! Weird. I couldn't find anything online about it. Ideas? If you guys don't help me out, I will probably just have to self-diagnose, and it won't be pretty.


  1. You probably needed some iron!! Should have eaten that cabbage!! Meat, greens, beans, nuts. I'm proud of you for already completing it! Did you run the WHOLE way? My inner monologue says, "F-- That!"

  2. This blood mouth thing has happened to me before too! As well as the hilarious monologue.