Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was sure that this birthday was going to be a downer just like a lot of my previous birthdays. I have something called the birthday curse (self-named). Every year on my birthday, for as long as I can remember, I have had terrible things happen to me. Here is a small sampling:
- someone stealing my camera
- someone backing into my car
- multiple cold sores
- eye infection
- boyfriend infidelity
- massive snow storms (Ok. So I know it's in February, but come on!)

The list goes on, but I will spare you the agony. This year, it was different! I knew the day was going to be good when as I was leaving from work a fellow apartment tennant said good morning and held the door open for me. What?!?! Didn't he know it was my birthday? Shouldn't he have accidently shut my fingers in the door or something? I took it as a sign that the tides were turning.

Full moon on my bday!

The day continued and it was spectacular! The weather was great (almost 70 degrees), and the birds were chirping. I was able to go to lunch with my fellow coworkers to Goldbergs. Sweet potato fries were like the icing on the cake. Thankfully, that's just a metaphor because my actual birthday cake came from Regina. A delicious Pineapple Upside Down cake. Divine.

After work, it was time for my surprise from Andrew. He had plans for us, but wouldn't let on to any details. I was super excited when we pulled into the driveway of a psychic! I had mentioned that I wanted to do this before and he remembered! Too bad the psychic was running late... we had to reschedule. But it didn't bring me down....time for drinks! We enjoyed a few beers at The Foundation before heading to Dixie Quicks! Yes, the Dixie Quicks. By the time our food arrived, we were the only cats in the joint. It's probably for the best that it was empty, because we ate like pigs. Sooooo good. :)

After dinner, we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Thankfully, we got it to go. With my cold, I was on my last leg and crashing fast.

Last night I feel asleep with a full belly and great memories of a fantastic birthday! Thank you to everyone who made the day extra special!

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  1. Um do you remember your 18th birthday when we went down to Omaha and we went to Josh Juranek's and that guy with the dreds sang happy birthday to you? Hahaha that was a good birthday!!!!