Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Whoa! I got through those fast!

The Girl Who Played With Fire -
I'm surprised that I liked this book much more than the 1st one. I felt the book followed a simpler story line and helped you to better grasp the characters' personalities. In the first book, I was unsure of where I stood with each character, and now I know who I am rooting for!

Salander faces a slew of evil-doers all while trying to get Blomkvist to solve a puzzle that will ultimately lead to her innocence in a gruesome murder. You begin to hope and cheer for Salander in her effort while at the same time wondering what she is hiding.

Unfortunately, no pictures of this book. I have been letting a volunteer at the church borrow them as soon as I'm done!

Catching Fire-
Ironically, the titles of both book involve fire. I hadn't really noticed that until I typed it out! This book threw me for a loop. I was completely unprepared for the twists and turns that the 2nd book took.

While the romance continues in this book, Katniss confuses me even more with her ever changing feelings. I have no advice for a young girl with this much drama in her life! The games continue out the area as President Snow uses her as a pawn in his new set of games. Not to mention - rebels and secrets and murder, oh my!

While nearing the end, I realized that the 2nd and 3rd book should have just been one. It wasn't like you finishing the book, but just moving on to the next chapter. I think I would prefer a little more finality than that! It's ok though, because I have already started on the 3rd and final book in the series.

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