Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have been working my butt off to cross off multiple items off our wedding to-do list.

I have been having the what I call "wedding nightmares." These are just awful! Let's see... this week I dreamt that Andrew and I saw each other before the ceremony, we didn't have a caterer so everyone ate hotdogs, and my photographer sent someone else! Do other brides have these dreams? The make me soooo nervous! 

But back to the to-do list!

We got our save-the-dates right before we left for Thanksgiving. Once we get the final addresses, we can start sending them out. I was really hoping that they wouldn't conflict with Christmas cards...which I really want to do (more to come on that tomorrow). I guess people will just be getting a lot of mail from us in the next couple of weeks.

First up was our hotel block. I found out that because of the of the conference rearrangements, there will now be a football game the day before the wedding. This could be a nightmare for hotels, traffic, and just people in general. That's when I knew that I had to get the hotel blocks done ASAP! I have sent in the contract and we should be good to go by the end of next week. (I just talked with our wedding coordinator and it's ready!)

My apartment has become a storage closet for everything wedding! My table barely has enough room to contain any more! Brides: where do you store all of your wedding day goodies? Were they hidden out of sight?


  1. My mom kept the stuff I didn't need to reference often. So she had favors, my dress, accessories, etc. I rented my centerpieces, so I didn't have as much to store.

  2. So exciting! The save the date cards look awesome! :)

  3. I also am keeping stuff at my parents.. they jut have so much more room!