Thursday, December 30, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I became the proud owner of my very own Cake Pops book! I entered a giveaway on her blog, and I won! I know... I couldn't believe it either.

What?!?! You have never heard of Cake Pops. You have got to check her out. Don't these treats look drool-worthy?

After flipping through the book, Andrew saw the bride and groom cake pops and thought that maybe that could be our wedding favors.

I'm a little skeptical. Will I end up making them all by myself? Will it be hard? Will they look like crap? I guess the only thing we can do it try. Don't worry, I will document the whole process!

Also, I have started my search for wedding shoes. I never realized how picky I was going to be. It all started with a single pair of "dream shoes" by Kate Spade. They are called "dream shoes" because I will never be able to afford them!

After seeing these babies, I haven't been able to get away from the idea of glitter heels for the big day. And there are so many things preventing me from finding the perfect pair (height, price, stripper platforms, etc...) I think one solution might be to be DIY heels, but that could be disastrous as well. I'll keep that as my last resort and keep searching for now....


  1. I like the favor idea! I decided I want a candy buffet for my favors.... where you fill your own bag! :)

  2. First of all, Emily I love candy buffets!! YUMMMM :) Secondly, Cake pops are awesome...let me know if I can help! And third, those shoes aren't so "whore-y" but they are definitely tall! Good luck on the hunt for the perfect shoes!

  3. Congrats on winning the cake pop book! I love mine too!

  4. Love Bakerella! Congrats on winning the book, I am sure you will put it to good use!

  5. I think the cake pops idea is really cute. If you decide on that and need help making them, I would definitely help.
    I love the shoes, but I really like "glittery".

  6. I was shoe shopping today in Ames, and I *may* have found a pair of shoes that would fit the bill for you.. They're 40 bucks and glittery pink pumps. They're fabulous.

    Also, this may sound totally crazy but a friend suggested looking at the Playboy apparel website because they have the best shoes.. and honestly they do.