Friday, December 10, 2010


Last night, we started our weekend by going to a UNO Maverick hockey game. (What? You didn't know that weekends always start on Thursday? For shame!) I had never been to a hockey game before! So when our friend Nicole asked us to go, I wasn't going to turn it down!

We met them at the Mattress Factory for a drink before the game started, and then rushed over to the Qwest before the $1 hotdogs/beer ran out. Try as we might, we missed the cheap beer boat. We had to "settle" for some delicious - and higher quality - $6 beer.

As soon as the game started, I could not believe how fast-paced and violent it was! I think for the whole first period I sat with my mouth wide open!

During the second break, we stopped by the NE Lottery booth and snatched up some free lotto tickets. The best part was when Andrew thought he had won $35,000. Good thing we had someone else double check his handy work before we took it in to claim our prize! Sorry Andrew.... maybe next time!

I had so much fun last night! I know this will not be my last hockey game!


  1. Here in India, people are crazy about cricket and hockey. But not Ice hockey....cause the team is like two years old, and we lost to Thailand :S

    There's this awesome feeling of being in a stadium. Live Ice hockey I've always wanted to see. Will someday. Getting tired of ESPN. haha.

  2. What a fun night! I agree - when Andrew thought he won $35,000, it was both hilarious and disappointing at the same time :)